Soča River Stories. Feel the past.

Today, alive with playful light and sounds of nature, the valley is a vessel for numerous memories from its chequered past. Listen to the stories of World War I and you will hear the thunder of battle and open your heart to peace.

If you come to the Soča Valley at the right time, you can experience first-hand the very special Soča River Stories—a two-day event that links memories of the past, the very best of tradition and resolutions for the future. Put on a soldier’s uniform and become a guard in the spectacular Kluže Fortress. Soldiers from both sides will share their views on war over a cup of army tea. Here you can marvel at unique handicraft artists and enjoy local delicacies.

Soča River Stories vividly portrays the war, cultural, ethnological and natural heritage of the valley, which surprises at every step: with outdoor museums, mule trails running across mountain slopes to front-line positions, and historical remains linked by the Walks of Peace. Kobarid, with one of the leading European museums, features unique war stories of soldiers and civilians. An ossuary of Italian soldiers at St Anton, German ossuary near Tolmin, a medieval fortress with a tunnel at Kluže… Everywhere you turn there is cultural heritage that the locals have preserved thanks to their traditional lifestyles.