Čompe, frika, Soča trout. Taste the Soča Valley!

Life is different in the valley that connects Slovenia’s highest mountains with the Adriatic Sea. Here people rely on their own strength, their own ingenuity.

Soča River Stories offers an astonish array of unique wool and wax products, stone and sand art, the rhythmic pace of folklore dances, and beautiful folk singing. And the valley’s true flavour lies in its cuisine!

Sheep and cows grazing on pastures above the valley give milk for genuine Bovec and Tolmin cheeses. Native Soča River fish, the Soča trout draws fishermen to the river and pleasure-seekers to local restaurants. The local čompe is unlike any potatoes you have ever had.

Bovec krafi and Kobarid štruklji make sure your experiences in the Soča Valley leave sweet memories.