Soča trout and other fish species

Marble Trout - Salmo trutta marmoratus is an endemic fish of the Adriatic river system.

Among the diverse population of fish, trout are prevalent, with the Soča trout (or. Marble trout) the most well known along with a sub-type called lipan.

The marble trout used to be the sole species of trout settling our waters.

The marble trout is famous for its large marble pattern, absence of red spots in full-grown fish and a specific archaic genotype.

The Marble trout in our waters reach quite sizes and weights. The largest marble trout found measured 121cm in length and weighed 25kg.

The Marble trout in the Zadlaščica River
The Zadlaščica is a sanctuary for marble trout. The existence of marble trout was seriously threatened by the introduction of the brown trout. The natural barriers formed by the pools of the cascades prevented the brown trout from inhabiting the water in a natural way, while difficult access prevented stocking, hence the marble trout was able to survive in its original genotype here. This fish inhabits the Zadlaščica all the way to the Skalnik farm and its affluent Jelovšček.

Other species:
Grayling, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Chub, Italian barbel.

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